Water Remediation

Our Process and Successes are Unique:

  • Eutrophied lakes and rivers can begin remediating in a matter of weeks
  • Scalability is infinite even for open water treatment
  • Application is easy and does not require heavy equipment
  • Our Information Capture and Feedback System enables collaboration to quickly diagnose problems and prescribe solutions
  • Cost effective – often a small fraction of alternative methods

TryMarine Does Not

  • Use an external energy source
  • Flocculate impurities for skimming or manual removal
  • Coagulate impurities for bottom packing – exacerbating long-term eutrophication
  • Rely on algaecides, deploying non-native organisms or dredging

TryMarine Does

  • Support aerobic organisms
  • Re-establish natural bio-diversity – creating stability and reducing stress
  • Create measurable statistics, allowing for price-effective long-term management
  • Dramatically improve the health and immune response of fish and fauna

Treatment Impact